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Avatar for Beaches
No rain here yet and hopefully it stays that way.
2/28/2014 6:37:14 PMEST
Avatar for bigmouth
Kudos NASCAR. Mission was a success. 88 won a race. Now let the real drivers race. Just like the WWE.
2/28/2014 5:09:19 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
I'm thinking they probably had to clean out the back seat of that *taxi*. I hope it was Scotchguarded. I liked the part where he tried to kick out the plexiglass between the front and back
2/28/2014 4:54:40 PMEST
Avatar for flyinaces
Look for Jr to go back to back this week!
2/28/2014 2:28:31 PMEST
Avatar for Beaches
Debating whether I want to take a drive to Phoenix track to check out new qualifying round. There is a 60-80% chance of rain during that time. Rain chance goes up to 100% tonight and tomorrow and then clearing out for Sunday afternoon.
2/28/2014 2:23:43 PMEST
Avatar for Beaches
I watched the video the other day. I thought it was better than the first one.
2/28/2014 2:19:47 PMEST
Avatar for psrush
I watched it amped. Ha ha to the guy that said the 1st one was rigged. He sure got paid back for it!!
2/28/2014 1:42:30 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
The new Jeff Gordon/Pepsi Maxx video is pretty funny. Check it out when you get a chance.
2/28/2014 8:34:55 AMEST

when ever mopar is around ... the rules seem to just change ..... nobody admits , submits or comments , it all just changes ...coincidence ? we think not !
2/27/2014 10:30:19 PMEST
Avatar for Beaches
sksts, as with Burton who is still listed with the 31, they are the numbers on the cars they last drove. Tony is listed with the 14 and for picking purposes it doesn't really matter as this game goes by driver name, not car number.
2/27/2014 10:26:28 PMEST
Avatar for sksts20
Why is Mark Martin still in the 14 on the pick roster
2/27/2014 10:02:34 PMEST

if you highlight driver and click on remove driver he will be moved!!
2/27/2014 7:54:04 PMEST
Avatar for kayeba
I too haven't figured out how to remove the drivers from last week so I can make this weeks pick can anyone tell me how? Thanks Go 88!!!!!!!!
2/27/2014 7:34:20 PMEST
Avatar for huntress
Sad they had to fix the race so JimmieJ couldn't always win. I'm a JR fan, though & happy he won.
2/27/2014 1:49:15 PMEST
Avatar for joepark3
That's rite. Big pickin. Spendin Gs
2/27/2014 1:38:14 PMEST
Avatar for bebo
what is wrong I cant take drivers out of my picks so I can add new ones anybody can help I thank you
2/27/2014 8:54:30 AMEST
Avatar for missvollad
mopor or really yall didnt have a car.dale jr .both are a joke.or yall are just to OLD to know that its the new age of raceing.kyle busch.and just watch in two years austin dillon will be there.jr hes got to win one time in a year .only for the name of earnhardt..yes am a redneck too..but i know nascar so bring on the hatew ya michael
2/27/2014 7:34:48 AMEST

I do miss lake speed
2/26/2014 11:42:58 PMEST

who is going to win Sunday I'm pulling for lake speed (no just joking trying to show my age) GO JR di it again
2/26/2014 11:40:52 PMEST
Avatar for mopargary
And Thank you Uturn ! Is a new car so hope not to many bugs to work out :)
2/26/2014 11:01:36 PMEST
Avatar for mopargary
Haha , Awesome Amped ! That's what me hotrod is , 72 Satellite . 2 door though lol . Hope it works good for him . I bought one of those for my daughters first car . Had over 300 k on it when someone ran a red light and wrote it off . She was fine soo all good .
2/26/2014 11:00:42 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
My first car was a Mopar too...a 72 Satellite 4 door. Like father, like
2/26/2014 10:20:41 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
He bought a '02 Stratus 2 door. It's a pretty sharp looking ride. You could'nt wipe the grin off his face with a sandblaster.
2/26/2014 10:18:03 PMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Bet that flag will be yours mopar.
2/26/2014 9:36:44 PMEST
Avatar for mopargary
Packmule I hope you feel better soon .
2/26/2014 8:48:48 PMEST
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